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The Benefits of Using Mini Dumpster Rentals

Gertrude Butler

When you are looking for dumpsters for rent, one of the decisions that you need to make is to select a size that is ideal for you. When you think of dumpsters, you likely think of a large one. However, as dumpster services offer mini dumpsters, more homes and businesses are opting for this smaller sized unit. Here are a few of the benefits associated with renting a mini dumpster for your needs. 

Mini Dumpster Rentals Have a Smaller Footprint

One of the benefits associated with mini dumpster rentals is that they have a smaller footprint than traditional, large ones. This allows you to place them in places where you may not otherwise be able to fit a dumpster. Many homeowners can fit mini dumpsters in the driveway, while businesses can place one in a tight alleyway space, on loading and unloading docks, or in their parking lot without taking up too much usable space. 

Mini Dumpster Rentals Are Perfect for Smelly Items

Another benefit associated with a mini dumpster rental is that you can dispose of smelly items, and not have to leave those items sitting outside for days until your dumpster fills up and you call a service to come to empty your dumpster. For example, many restaurants prefer mini dumpsters because the dumpster fills faster with their food waste; they are emptied faster before food begins to rot and smell. With a larger option, you may be having to dump a half-empty dumpster to help eliminate the smell and keep pests away. 

Mini Dumpsters Are Perfect for Smaller Loads

The third benefit of a mini dumpster is that it is perfect for disposing of smaller loads. Maybe you need to clean the garage out at your home. You have too much stuff to make a trip to the dump yourself but yet you have too little to fill a traditional sized dumpster. A mini dumpster is a perfect compromise because you can dispose of a large amount of stuff at once but not overpay for more dumpster space than you really need or can use. 

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy for you to select the one that best meets your needs. If you are looking to rent a mini dumpster or the biggest dumpster available, let a local rental service help you. Contact your preferred company to book your dumpster today. 


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