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Clean Energy Answers and Environmental Tips

Insight For Successful Radon Testing And Mitigation

Gertrude Butler

Radon is a harmful gas that can be present inside your home and you may not be aware of it. Because it has no odor and taste and is not visible to the naked eye, it is essential to keep your home protected from its damage with appropriate testing and mitigation. The following provides you with information to help you when you find and test for radon inside your home to ensure a safe environment.

Hire Professional Radon Services

If you have never had residential radon testing, it is a smart step to take to keep your family protected against its harmful effects, such as lung cancer. Radon seeps up through the foundation below your home and into your home, where it remains if it cannot vent to the outside. By hiring a radon test by a professional, you will determine if your home has high radon levels. They will come in and complete a test over a period of several days or several weeks, depending on the type of testing system they use in your home.

If you find that radon levels are at a dangerous level, they can also provide you a remediation recommendation. You can also open windows during fair weather to vent the air from inside your home. You can also install basement vents and fans to eliminate radon build-up. However, a professional radon mitigation treatment to your home is the best way for long-term protection. Based on the setup of your home and its foundation, your radon professional can recommend the appropriate mitigation system.

Use Your Own At-Home Testing System

Once you have discovered radon present in your home and take the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate it, you will need to watch for future problems. And the best way to check for any potential radon build-up occurring inside your home is to use a radon testing device. Radon usually enters your home and will settle along the floor of the lower living space, so it is important to test this space for an accurate reading.

You can find many portable radon testing meters online and at a local home improvement store, which you can place inside your home's lowest living space, such as the basement. Set the meter slightly up from the floor to get an accurate reading and be sure to keep windows and exterior doors closed in this space, otherwise, any radon that is leaking into your home won't be properly detected and you can still be at risk.

Look for a radon testing meter that provides measurements of short-term readings and also long-term measurements. This will tell you what the radon levels are currently and also the average over the past period of time.


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